Welp -- It's Happened: The Old Apalachicola Snake Raises Its Head Again

Resignation and disappointment all over again for the one millionth time.

A nice lady came by our oyster retail shop Sopchoppy, and investigated our products ....

While she was inside the store, I had a chance to speak with her and she related to me a story that is all too common in the Southeastern U.S. She told me of her recent visit to a restaurant with oysters on the menu (restaurant unnamed) and after she and her party were seated, they inquired about the oysters. She was matter-of-factly informed by the waitress that they were "APALACHICOLA OYSTERS". 

My astute patron told me that she was much too savvy to fall for the WORLD'S SECOND OLDEST LIE (see below for the "World's Oldest Lie"!). 

She told me that she politely schooled the misinformed waitress that Apalachicola's oyster "engine" is currently turned off - as in totally shut down. There ARE NO Apalachicola Bay oysters right now, and there have not been for a very long time. She continued the story by telling me that she helped the young lady understand that the Bay will be closed until 2025.

Hilariously, the waitress never missed a beat, telling the my patron that the truck that brings the oysters says "Apalachicola" on the side of it, and the company that they buy them from is in Apalachicola.

I guess that means that if your Alaskan King Crab is delivered by a truck from New York City, it magically becomes Hudson Bay King Crab? 
My hope is that one of these days, oysters will once more come from Apalachicola Bay, and when they do, there will be a lot fewer people bound for hell for being liars.

The problem with continuing to make people believe the story about oysters being from Apalachicola when they are actually from anywhere else, is that it helps sully reputation of the entire seafood industry. It is just as bad as the lie that Asian catfish is premium grouper. And, although it is not out right fraud, it is certainly a question of truthfulness and morality.

Be sure to research the origins of your seafood. And rest assured that anyone who claims that they are placing an Apalachicola oyster in front of you - when the Bay will be closed until 2025 - is not truth-telling. Remind them that just because the truck had the letters A-P-A-L-A-C-H-I-C-O-L-A painted on the side or stamped on the invoice, or printed on the side of the box, does not make the contents inside the box FROM Apalachicola. Ask to take a look at the tag that is placed - by law - inside the box. You will see the SOURCE OF THE HARVEST of the oysters on the tag.

We, the oyster consuming public, should RISE UP and push back this type of sleight of hand.

And the OLDEST lie ever told? Yeah, you know it. But, if you need to refresh, you'll have to look back inside the Book of Genesis to see what the snake told Eve in the Garden of Eden. 


  • Nita Massey

    So the aquaculture oysters are not considered Apalachicola Bay Oysters??? Ty know your lease along with many more leases from Panacea to Apalachicola Bay grown in Apalachicola Bay. So maybe the waitress or Restaurant were accurate.

  • Mike Glynn

    Good message and story. Hope your business is going well. Thanks for keeping Florida oysters alive, in many different ways.

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